Cory J. Laidlaw

CEO, Chief Solutions Architect and Developer
Cory is a leading computer consultant in custom application architecture, design and development for both large and small organizations. While his career spans over 35 years, he started coding recreationally in the 7th grade. During his seasoned career, he has served as Solutions Architect, Database Administrator, Business Process Engineer, Lead Software Developer and provided Tier 3 support for customers and in-house techical teams. Cory has been instrumental in developing many essential software solutions. He has acknowledgements and honors for using his talents for the HIV Community in Colorado. In his spare time, he enjoys the theatre, gaming and travel. His favorite games are Minecraft and No Mans Sky. He is also regarded for his fantastic mystery “whodunit” dinner parties by his close friends.

Also of important note, Cory was born clutching a computer keyboard. His mom confirms this.

Bettina Harmon, M.Div

Implementation and Objectives Consultant
Bettina brings 29 years of experience in non-profit human services to Illumicode. She specializes in program development, implementation, and evaluation; project management; continuous quality improvement; and grant compliance and accountability. Bettina has served as Compliance and Database Administrator providing business analytics and intelligence, training, and Tier 2 support for multiple systems, and has also been instrumental in co-developing several collaborative software systems in the Denver HIV Service community. In her work with Illumicode, Bettina supports non-profits and other public health and human service organizations to fully identify their software needs. She is a wizard at helping you translate the requirements of your programs so that the real tech geeks can do their magic. Bettina helps to highlight the possibilities that software holds to better support your programs, clients, staff, management, and funders. Whether your goals are simply to improve your data quality, increase efficiency and decrease cognitive load for your staff, or to use your data for quality improvement and outcome measurement, Bettina can help you explore how software can lighten your load so that you can focus on what matters most.

Kelly Matthew-Brevard

Quality Improvement Consultant
Kelly brings 14 years of experience in non-profit and government human service programs. She specializes in quality improvement, performance metric and data analysis, as well as general program development for housing and HIV services. Kelly has a passion for using quality improvement processes and the use of QI principles to drive automation, process improvement, and improve outcomes. She has served as the Quality Improvement lead at several organizations, and has been involved in the development and implementation of multiple collaborative software systems in the Denver HIV Service Community. Working with Illumicode, she provides implementation support - thinking and talking through all the options to reach the best solution for the client. Kelly loves solving process related problems and is driven to give back to the community.
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