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Industry Experience (%)
Illumicode has developed solutions for a wide-range of industries, with an emphasis on public health.
Project Approach (%)
While our projects have multiple positive outcomes, the most are a combination of efficiency increases, cost savings, meeting unique needs and reducing frustrations. Additionally, more than half of our projects successfully integrate into other data systems, improve quality management and bolstering security.
Our Customers (%)
We can tackle any size project for any size business. We're government, small business and non-profit friendly.


Illumicode has been in business ten years providing a wide range of technical services for customers. Our Founder is also celebrating 21 years of being a Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Developer.

We have helped many companies take the most advantage in their investment in custom software. See the ways we can help make your project succeed.

Do you find that you are doing more busy work because your software systems don’t really reflect how you need things to work?

Using our unique process we explore what you need from your software. We can design software that encompasses your specific needs and automates tasks as much as possible. It's an ongoing savings of time and aggravation every time someone does the task.

Are you resigned to do the extra on-going work and avoid efficiency opportunities because your software systems aren’t designed to be compatible?

Just because your software systems weren’t designed to talk to each other doesn’t mean they can’t. We are experienced at connecting data systems to get them working together.

Do you worry that your company can’t handle sudden growth, downsize or lacks agility to changing conditions?

Our cloud solutions harness scalability challenges. You can upsize to the capacity you need in only 20 minutes. If you don’t need the capacity later you can easily scale back down. This allows you the agility to take on extra capacity when you need it and to be economical when you don’t.

Do you worry that a hack or ransomware attack could suddenly incapacitate your business? Do you worry about the cost of such an attack?

We're experienced in securing data for our customers. We can balance your need to access information from anywhere while also keeping it safe. We vigilantly ensure:
  • Your data is secure
  • Your client data is secure
  • You won't lose data to ransomware

Do you worry your competition will out-innovate you? Do they use technology to prove they are the better option to customers?

We build custom software that allows your organization to provide services faster, reduce operating expenses and ensure fewer client issues.

Do you ever wonder how your company is actually performing? How are you measuring performance?

Our custom software designs allow for accurate measurement and performance reporting at a highly detailed level. Reports on this data can provide compelling insights into how things are going and where new innovations can be most helpful.

Do you worry that you are overpaying for mediocre software?

It’s true there is a one-off cost when building custom software, but it also undoubtedly pays off in the longer term. By having us develop software you will own, you aren’t paying to license features that aren’t beneficial to you.

Do you worry about how to handle the technical headaches of managing software? Do you think your in-house I.T. doesn't have the skills or bandwidth to handle managing your software needs?

We make software headaches seem like a day at the spa! We'll take all of it off your plate. We can handle everything - Hosting, configuration, security and maintenance so you dont have to give it another thought. We can also host your software in a way that doesn't impact your I.T. department.

If you choose to host it yourself, we are happy to help your technical team achieve a smooth rollout.

Illumicode can help

  • Illumicode has over 35 years of professional experience helping businesses of all sizes the software the need for success.
  • Even if you aren’t technical, we guarantee that you will fully understand the design of your software – without all the geek speak!
  • We can adjust features to fit almost any budget.
  • Developing your own software doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience.
  • If you have questions and worries, we have answers and options.

How We Are Different

Technical Assistance
Kind, smart and timely help that you can count on

When you need help, we never push you off to a junior support representative. You get direct access to the person that architected your software - the best person who knows the most on how to help and get things working. Fast!

Human-Based Service
No phone trees, no hassles

When you call us for service, you will get a direct line to a real person. No phone trees, no entering account numbers and PIN's. We're based entirely in the US. We provide the help you need without all the frustration.

Quality Guarantee
We stand by our work

Other custom software firms charge for everything, even if they make a mistake. We guarantee our work is free from defects and will fix them at our cost - not yours.


The Process of Building Software with Us

Specialty Services

Ryan White CAREWare PDI Generation
New in 2024
RW Careware is removing the Microsoft Access-based PDI in the next major version. We can help you migrate to the CSV format that careware requires.
Many Ryan White service providers are required to provide an export of data (a PDI) to their grantor’s CAREWare system. We have developed software for multiple software systems that allow providers to generate their own CAREWare PDI from their existing data systems. We have been doing this for over ten years.
We are experts at getting the information you need out of stubborn data systems and providing the tools to produce a quality report.
Ryan White Client Level Data XML File Generation
Ryan White service providers are required to provide a client level data export to HRSA every year. We have developed software for multiple software systems that allow providers to generate their own RDR Client Level Data XML file from their existing data systems. We have been doing this for over ten years.
By smartly finding ways to extract the data from your existing data system we can develop the tools to produce a quality report.
Salesforce Database Extensibility
We can help If you are frustrated that you cannot use your Salesforce data in other applications.
We can design solutions that can consume and utilize your Salesforce data in a wide array of uses.
Advisory Services
If you have an idea you want to get off the ground, but not sure where to start, we can help.
We'll answer your questions, provide options and build a path that advances your concept.

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